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Inclusivity and Equality in Treatment: Transforming Health Care, One Step at a Time

Check out my new article in the Spring 2024 issue of Autism Spectrum News that addresses significant inequalities in healthcare for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). All too often these individuals, and their families/caregivers, face substantial barriers to receiving adequate medical and behavioral care, leading to poorer health outcomes and limited social participation. We must emphasize early intervention for children with ASD/IDD to mitigate developmental delays and improve future opportunities. In this article I outline the multi-faceted challenges—ranging from financial and geographical to cultural and systemic—that hinder access to necessary healthcare services. We must all advocate for a comprehensive approach to healthcare that includes specialized training for providers, increased funding, community education, and policy reforms aimed at creating a more equitable, accessible, and responsive healthcare system.

Inclusivity and Equality in Treatment - ASN Spring 2024 Issue
Download PDF • 661KB

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